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Study of Three Systems of Ozonized Coconut Oil

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Díaz, Maritza F.; Nayibi Núñez; Daraisy Quincose; Wilfredo Díaz & Frank Hernández, Study of Three Systems of Ozonized Coconut Oil. Ozone: Science & Engineering 27: 153-157, 2005.



In the present study, the products from the ozonation of three systems (ozonized coconut oil, ozonized coconut oil with water and ozonized coconut oil with ethanol) are characterized and compared statistically. Peroxide, acidity and viscosity indexes were determined. The reaction products were identified by 1H NMR and their antimicrobial activity was evaluated. The ozonized coconut oil with ethanol showed the highest peroxide and acidity indexes. This result suggests that in presence of ethanol a greater peroxide decomposition occurs leading to greater acid formation. The variation coefficients obtained in the analysis methods were smaller than 10%. Reaction products were identified as ozonides and aldehydes compounds. The highest action spectrum of antimicrobial activity by Staphylococcus aureus was obtained with the ozonized coconut oil with water and ethanol systems.