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Disinfection of Removable Dentures Using Ozone

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Murakami, Hiroshi; Shigemitsu Sakuma; Kentarou Nakamura; Yutaka Ito; Masami Hattori; Akihiro Asai; Toshihide Naguchi; Hatsuhiko Maeda; Yoichiro Kameyama; Yoshihiro Kimura; Toru Nagao; Tatsushi Kawai & Jiro Hasegawa, Disinfection of Removable Dentures Using Ozone. Dental Materials Journal 15(2): 220-225, 1996.



Over time, removable dentures tend to become unsanitary and emit unpleasant odors, and oral mucosa sometimes becomes inflamed or denture stomatitis is caused by denture plaque. Recently, various cleaning products designed to keep removable dentures sanitary have appeared on the market. It is known that denture plaque is mainly composed of Candida albicans (C. albicans), and that ozone seems to inhibit these micro-organisms. Accordingly, a denture cleaner using ozone bubbles (ozone concentration of about 10 ppm) was considered as clinically appropriate because of its strong disinfecting and deodorizing power, and high biological safeness. The effectiveness of this cleaner against C. albicans was investigated using. Results showed that C. albicans decreased to about 1/10 after 30 min and to 1/10(3) after 60 min.